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Storing Your Beautiful Family Memories

People are constantly taking pictures every day — and while the age of smart phones has made taking pictures much simpler and more streamlined — the process of storing the photos is still complicated. Your first decision to make is whether you want to store your photographs locally...
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Baptism vs Christening

A Baptism is an initiation into the religion — a ceremony that claims the child for Jesus Christ and the Church. One of seven sacraments in the Catholic Church, Baptism is traditionally administered by a priest or deacon, but can be administered by anyone in an emergency. The...
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Is it Worth having a Baptism Christening in the 21st Century ?

  In both Protestant and Catholic denominations, christenings/baptisms have been gradually declining since the 1970s. Religion remains precariously positioned between the new and old world, constantly struggling to keep up with and stay relevant in these modern times.  The dogmatic doctrine of our parents’ generation (think Meryl Streep as...
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