My name is Arpi Pap.
I am a second generation photographer, born in  Transylvania(northern Romania) where my photographer mother and brother still live.
Studied Photography at 4 different schools
Photography is my full time job and one of my passions.I’ve been doing paid photo gigs since I was 14( thanks to my brother). Before that,as a child, I  remember playing in my mom’s huge darkroom  .Now it’s part of me.
I am a proud parent of a 7 and 3 year old boys. I cherish family life. Nothing should be more important.
Always had a thirst for arts and sciences.
When I had more time on my hands , I used to paint,draw, make clay sculptures and pottery. Make my own murphy bed, reassemble my entire bike and come up with challenging photo shoots. Lately, I started making my own wine with family and friends, and I enjoy the experience very much.
I love House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Vikings.

Things you need to know before hiring me

Why Choose Me

Arpi Pap at work. Christening day for Kyriaki’s little sister.

I hope you like my photos

For one thing, I hope you like my photos. I try to “see” for someone who couldn’t make it and tell a story with photos. Capturing candid and genuine moments.
Another big part is that I don’t hold your photos “hostage” When I finished editing, all your photos would be loaded either in a gallery, a slideshow or a CD that you will receive soon after.

A Special Day Requires a special Eye

Always trying to combine a candid warm moment with the perfect composition. My images are engaging, personal ,  curious and have a certain dramatic mood.

Photography degrees from 4 different schools

Having a Fine Art degree as a background is my foundation for creating any image I take. I started my college education at the Visual Art Academy in  my home country Romania. When I moved to NYC, I pursued a photography degrees at Qcc College ,then continued at Queens College.I also studied at the International Center of Photography (created by one of the founders of Photojournalism Cornell Kappa) I religiously attend the most important photography shows in New York City such as Aipad , The Armory Show and other important galleries throughout the city.

I express myself through the camera

Covering a Baptism South New Jersey










I was never good with words. I guess otherwise I wouldn’t need a camera.

I Know what I’m doing

Arpi Pap presenting at CUNY workshop for Graphic designers and Digital Media Managers

My love for photography is not just conceptual.I love expressing myself artistically. But I have a deep passion for technical and scientific things too.I love to see light. I love that I understand light.
I’m always prepared for whatever comes my way.My success rate is much higher than the average photographer because of this.  ( let’s say,someone who takes 100 photos , only 5 are really keepers. I take 100 images and 75 are memorable.

You are my VIP for the day

Baby ready for the highlight of the christening, the dipping into water.

It’s a party and I am celebrating with you. I am happy to be with you and I want to be part of your family if only for one day. It humbles me and gives meaning to what I do.

My Advantages


Underdstand why you need me

I have a 7 year old and a 2 YO. I remember the first days of being a parent how life changing it was. I know my views of the world changed because of that.I know I appreciate fleeting moments now.


Reaction  to capture that moment

Even though I am unobtrusive, I know moments come and go. A genuine holding of hands , a heartwarming look, or a funny moment require my utmost presence and anticipation to memorize what is happening.
Time is all we have, and don’t.


When I’m in, I’m ALL in

Once I committed to do the job for you, I will do anything I can to make things work. I know how hectic and stressful this day can be. Church, venue, vendors,runaround  will drain the fun out of a day that you prepared so much for. I want to do anything to ease that, and lend a helping hand whenever I can .


Always on time

Time management is one of the most important things in my life.Being on time, means peace of mind for both of us.This way, I can be creative, and be ready for whatever unpredictable elements might come my way.