My name is Arpi Pap.
I am a second generation photographer, born in  Transylvania(northern Romania) where my photographer mother and brother still live.
Studied Photography at 4 different schools
Photography is my job and one of my hobbies.I’ve been doing paid gigs since I was 14, thanks to my brother. Before that,as a child, I  remember playing in my mom’s huge darkroom  .Now it’s part of me.
I am a proud parent of a 7 year old boy and we’re proud  parents of baby Nicholas born  in 2016. I cherish family life. Nothing should be more important.
I always had a thirst for arts and sciences.
When I had more time on my hands , I used to paint,draw, make clay sculptures and pottery. Make my own murphy bed, reassemble my entire bike and come up with challenging photo shoots. Lately, I started making my own wine with family and friends, and I enjoy the experience very much.
I love House of Cards, Game of Thrones and Vikings.


Why Choose Me

Arpi Pap at work. Christening day for Kyriaki’s little sister.

I hope you like my photos

For one thing, I hope you like my photos. I try to always excel at whatever I do, to create unique photos and emotions that I see happening around me.
Another big part is that I don’t hold your photos “hostage” When I finished editing, all your photos would be loaded either in a gallery, a slideshow or a CD that you will receive soon after.

A Special Day Requires a special Eye

Always trying to combine a candid warm moment with the perfect composition. My images are engaging, personal ,  curious and have a certain dramatic mood.

Photography degrees from 4 different schools

Having a Fine Art degree as a background is my foundation for finding art in any image I take. I started my college education at the Visual Art Academy in Romania. When I moved to the States, I pursued a photography certificate at Qcc College (part of CUNY) Then continued with a Queens College degree in Liberal Arts with concentration in photography. I also studied at the International Center of Photography (created by one of the founders of Photojournalism Cornell Kappa) I religiously attend the most important photography shows in New York City such as Aipad and other important galleries throughout the city.

I express myself through the camera

Covering a Baptism South New Jersey

I was never good with words. I guess otherwise I wouldn’t need a camera.

I really Know what I’m doing

Arpi Pap presenting at CUNY workshop for Graphic designers and Digital Media Managers

My love for photography is not just conceptual.I love expressing myself artistically. But I have a deep passion for technical and scientific things too. I love all the settings, on my camera and equipment.I love to see light. I love that I understand light.
I’m always prepared for whatever comes my way.My success rate is much higher than the average photographer. To explain, someone who takes 100 photos , only 5 are really usable. I take 100 images and 75 are memorable.

You are my VIP for the day

Baby ready for the highlight of the christening, the dipping into water.

It’s a party and I am celebrating with you. I am happy to be with you and I want to be part of your famiglia if only for one day. It makes me feel like a superhero 😉

My Advantages


Underdstand why you need me

I have a 7 year old and a 2 YO. I remember the first days of being a parent how life changing it was. I know my views of the world changed because of that.


Reaction  to capture that moment

Even though I am unobtrusive, I know moments come and go. A genuine holding of hands of the parents or grandparents, a heartwarming look, or a funny moment require my utmost presence and anticipation to memorize what is happening.
Time is all we have, and don’t.


When I’m in, I’m ALL in

Once I committed to do the job for you, I will do anything I can to make things work. I know how hectic and stressful this day can be. Church, venue, vendors,runaround  will drain the fun out of a day that you prepared so much for. I want to do anything to ease that, and lend a helping hand whenever I can .


Always on time

Time management is one of the most important things in my life.Being on time, means peace of mind for both of us.This way, I can be creative, and be ready for whatever unpredictable elements might come my way.