Photographing Your Kids around New York City

As a new parent, documenting your kids’ lives is an important part of the parenting process — you want to have the memories in digital form to look back at and to show your child when they’re older. However, in the first few years of a kids life...
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Baptism vs Christening

A Baptism is an initiation into the religion — a ceremony that claims the child for Jesus Christ and the Church. One of seven sacraments in the Catholic Church, Baptism is traditionally administered by a priest or deacon, but can be administered by anyone in an emergency. The...
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Vacationing in the Modern Day

In the age of smart phones and social media — instant gratification and approval are key components of vacationing. Teenagers and young-adults alike want to share their latest ventures on Instagram as they’re happening. And so often people (specifically the elder generations) look down upon this practice, saying...
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