The Birth Of Jesus and the Christening

“The secret to a rich life, is to have more beginnings than endings” – Dave Weinbum. When we celebrate a baby’s christening, we also celebrate the beginnings of a new life. The water is a symbol of a cleansing, a fresh start, a new life. Christmas is also the symbol and celebration of a new life. Jesus christ was born, so that humanity could have a new view of life.

Hope. The birth of Jesus gave humanity a deep understanding of hope and love. In life, during times of turmoil, people put their hopes and faith in the hands of the new generations. As humans, we always hope for the better future, and that is what christenings and christmas is all about. The opportunity to develop a new hope for the future.

Perspective. We love to see baby’s look around and be curious of the world around them. When babies celebrate their baptisms, we hope that their baptism helps to provide them with a positive outlook in life, and feel relieved of their sins. Jesus was born without sin, however when he grew older, he taught humanity the importance of changing perspectives of different things in life, such as seeing amd helping people less fortunate than us. It is why Christmas is important to celebrate as well, the birth of a new baby gives us a new perspective about being a loving and caring person in the world.

Journey. A new life, means a new journey. The universe does not stop moving. This coincides with the birth of Jesus. Mary and Joseph had to travel far in order for Mary to have the baby, although their journey was incomplete, and jesus was born in a poor place, Mary and Joseph did not lose hope, and they took the birth of their son as a new journey to accomplish, for they would have to raise him into a man. When we baptise babies, parents are expected to take this moment as the start of a new journey, and help to raise them to be good individuals in the world.

Christmas and Christenings go hand in hand. Their meanings are deeper than we see sometimes, it is important to celebrate both with much love and hope.

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