Are you and your baby getting enough rest and quality time? (Importance of Self-Care)

During the busiest days of our lives, we often forget how important it is to make time for “self care”. Parents work hard day and night because they want to make sure that their children’s lives are taken care of. “Self Care” is essential to everyone, including babies, and there are many activities that people can do to improve their “self care”.

Sleep. The average adult needs at least at least 7-8 hours of sleep. Children usually need between 10-14 hours, including a small nap time. Babies need sleep the most, as sleep is the key ingredient to helping them grow and develop properly.

Meditation. Any form of meditation, whether it is sitting with your legs criss-crossed or doing yoga, it is always important to find some time during the day to take a step back and focusing on breathing, for it will help to clear one’s mind, and get you functioning properly both mentally and physically.

Relaxation. There are many forms of relaxation, it could be reading a story to your baby, spending time with loved ones, or even doing some exercise. All of these can help to get your body to increase productivity in your daily lives

Reflection.  Look for opportunities to reflect on yourself and your daily lives, teach your children the importance of taking some time to reflect on important events that occur throughout the day. Reflecting helps to understand the highs and lows of every day events, and figuring out what went right, and what could be done better.

Any form of self care boosts confidence and helps decreases levels of stress and anxiety. The results are endless, but one thing is for sure, there will be more smiles all around.

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