Christening Photography Price List

Christening Photography packages

If you got to this page, it means you’re looking for  help and advice about photography christening prices. You most likely  been asked to cover a job , but have no idea on how to go about this.

If you’re a parent trying to hire a photographer for your family event, you’ll get some insights , so keep reading.

To start,there’s a few considerations to keep in mind when you’re offering a quote. I will  list them  and then try to make some sense of each.
Please keep in mind it’s my personal opinions here, and there might be better ways of doing this, You can always give me or the community some suggestions. This might be the only blog post I will leave open to comments as I feel it is a very important topic across the entire field of photography, always changing.

Here’s a quick list  of things I consider when I want to offer a fair quote to someone

1.My qualifications.( Education, knowledge, keeping myself updated, fine art education)
2.My versatility. (Technical dexterity and being able to handle any situation coming my way)
3. My equipment. (how many cameras, lighting, and other actual devices am I using)
4.My dedication. (how much physical effort  and mental work will you put into this)
5.  Event details (Church Location, Reception Venue, number of guests.Parent type -will explain, Entertainment.)
6. Expendables(  Resources needed such as Assistants, package details, and others)

Then, the kind of service needed. This involves coverage times, travel , equipment used.
Being a professional photographer today is no easy job, and there’s different kind of photographers out there.Theres some like me (hopefully) that have studied photography at 4 different schools ,always trying to improve through knowledge and practice.I call them  full time professionals.

There’s others that really love photography and have taken it as a hobby and a secondary job. There’s many people that fall under this category, some I like, some I don’t. And I’ll explain why.


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