Is your baby close to you? The Importance of Human Touch 


       The best part about being a parent, is the moment you get to hold your child at birth. While some parents cannot get enough of holding and caring for their babies, there have been many instances where parents slowly stop providing physical contact to their children when they start to grow.
Affection: a very challenging thing to do, how are parents supposed to know how much affection to provide to their children?  You can think of this as the “too much of a good thing, is too much of a good thing” rule. Kids need to feel loved and protected, most especially in times where they feel anger, sadness, and confusion, but not to the point where they become too dependent of their parents.

Trust. Providing physical contact has its benefits, it helps to strengthen the relationship between parent and child, it establishes trust and kids know they can count on you for whatever the reason may be, and it also benefits their overall psychological and physical health. There have been cases where parents decide to not provide their kids with affection, thinking this will make them emotionally strong, and other parents who have been forcibly torn or separated from their families for a wide range of reasons.
Trauma.When this occurs the effects can be damaging to the point where kids develop trauma and other psychological diseases, which is why physical contact is not only encouraged but essential to a child’s life.

Grow. Kid’s first source of protection and comfort is you as a parent, and while giving them comfort can help alleviate their stress and anxieties, parents must also be mindful that it will not solve their problems. Kids need to grow and become independent, no child is the same, some will develop independence faster than others but that does not excuse not providing them physical contact when they finally develop independence.

 Make Them Smart.Babies and toddlers are the age groups that need affection the most, for the fact it will create long-lasting positive effects such as becoming smarter and more resilient individuals, and being able to manage their emotions on their own.

The truth of the matter is, no matter how old they get they will always be your babies, and they will always love and need you. We are all here for a short period of time, so give your kids as many hugs as you can throughout their life and yours.

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