The Babylon Bee Proposes More Efficient Baptism Process

The satirical site The Babylon Bee made headlines for their article claiming that North Carolina’s Elevation Church installed a water slide to speed up the baptism process.

The fact that an article from a satire site was taken seriously enough for people to fact-check it is ridiculous — but given this particular church’s history of making light of religious service it’s understandable that some might buy into the story.

I feel this article is particularly humorous because it’s poking fun at an institution Americans often take too seriously. Any art, media and/or writings that mock their religion or religious practices easily offend people of faith.

Whilst religion is a sacred institution — we have to recognize that the desperate need to hold on to tradition makes some of the teachings and practices of religion outdated, mundane and easy to poke fun of.

At the end of the day, a worship band performing a TLC song and a Pastor shooting a water gun in the middle of a church service seems quite unlikely but you can’t help but find humor in that absurdity.

Author: Aaron Bharucha

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