Vacationing in the Modern Day

In the age of smart phones and social media — instant gratification and approval are key components of vacationing. Teenagers and young-adults alike want to share their latest ventures on Instagram as they’re happening. And so often people (specifically the elder generations) look down upon this practice, saying we need to live in the moment and not document every minute of our lives.

The truth is, social media has changed the whole idea of a vacation — for better or for worse: the before, during and after of the vacation is redesigned. When planning, 52% of Facebook users say their friends’ photos inspire their travel decisions — and a large portion of Millennials actually consider how aesthetically pleasing (or “Instagramable”) a location is before making a decision.

The biggest appeal elders’ find about technology is safety. It’s now easier than ever to check in with Mom & Dad while across the world. However, Instagram remains the top priority for the younger generation — 97% of Millennials share photos to social media while traveling.

After getting back home, the idea of the whole vacation being stored in your pocket is thrilling — in any place or situation you can whip out your phone and show all the memories you so carefully, yet efficiently documented.

Author: Aaron Bharucha

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