Anthony’s Day of Baptism. In photos.Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church Flushing, Queens. NY


There’s excitement that comes with every job I do.However a nice day, a beautiful family and nothing to worry about was the feeling when I got there for Anthony’s christening.
Anthony was a great sweet boy on the quiet side. I loved the 2 godmothers and their sense of fashion, as well their parents and they also make for a great family.
Irene,  baby Anthony’s mom, was very nice and I can only say words of praise about her, no joke. And here’s some reasons. Firstly they had me back even though she chased me a bit to finish their second son’s project.(My hectic work, album company issues among others… )She did that while having only  3 small kids, so hats down. Also, I know how much time and effort she must have put into arranging this great Christening event. I know most moms are supernatural, but she’s amazing.

St Nicholas Church in Bayside was the first church I shot my first wedding in America.So I’m emotionally attached to it, something that will stay with me forever. And I like that feeling. It probably affects my way of shooting having in mind that Christening Ceremonies I shoot with my heart .I’d like to think that’s one feature that makes me different from others in my field (besides studying photography at 4 different schools..)
I will let you see for yourselves why I liked being with the Poniros Family so much.
Including the food at Limani, it’s like Greece moved to Roslyn,NY :)))


Here’s the photos In a music slideshow I put together, hope you’ll like it:




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