Baby Edward Paul’s Christening Ridgewood New Jersey


You might have read on my profile page that I was born in Romania.

In some ways I am proud.We have a beautiful country with lush pine mountains, ski resorts and sea shores, people are resource-full and, deep in the country’s cultural values and villages, lies kindness and comradery that slowly looses ground to the superficial and capitalism, promoted by the new social culture.
In some ways I’m not  so proud. Government is mostly corrupt, there’s some that left the country for less than good intentions and negative stories about immigrant Romanians you can find/hear easily, historic sites crumble under dirt and sad stories)

But being at baby Edward’s baptism made me a proud Romanian immigrant and filled my heart with joy and appreciation.
If you  got here reading this, you most likely have about an age  when you already have kids or will soon, and know how things get harder once a child or two depends on you and your care. Life gets COMPLICATED.
Now imagine, that not long before this, for trying to better your life, one day, you just packed your stuff and moved to another continent, where everything is different and have no one. No one.
Imagine that you have to go find job, a place to stay, learn the language, and integrate as hard or easy that can be. Imagine that you have to start from nothing. Ground Zero.
Some good years later, after things have somewhat settled, here you are.At the church in Ridgewood, baptizing your child. And even though it doesn’t seem much, you have everything you need.  You have a church to go to, you have the means to food and clothing, a good handful of caring friends, godparents, and most of all, a beautiful healthy boy to celebrate the miracle of life.
Now, say whatever you like, but to me YOU ARE the most successful person on the planet!
No matter what, you have more than the richest person in the world!
You are baby Edwards mom and dad. You guys are an inspiring story in the book of life. I can’t wait to see you guys grow into a greater family and be part of the freedom this country and people offer us. I am genuinely proud to have met you and know that

You’re always a role model to somebody!

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