Baby Gabriella’s Emotional Christening.Kimisis Theotokou, Brooklyn.

You know when you were little and you wished you were family with your best friends? That’s how I feel about these guys. Such a cool family and they look out after each other! They got each other’s hinds. Back in the, day that used to be the “norm”. Today, it’s like an endangered species :))  Through all the craziness, stress and distractions, we forget about the people around us. It’s crazy I tell you 🙂
Going back to our reason being here, baby Gaby was a little uneasy about me, but still curious for exploration, so as long as I didn’t get to close to her, she was fine. I wish we had a little more time beforehand to bond a bit. It always helps.
The 2 Godparents, were ready for the job, even though one, I have the feeling didn’t shut an eye the entire night! But I’m just speculating 🙂
That being said, the photos were broken down in 2 parts with two respective moods. The Ceremony at Kimisis Theotokou in Brooklyn,  is a bit Quiet, Dramatic , gloomy and emotional. When the reception  at the Bay Ridge Manor is a bit more Festive, and light. Good times and lots of fun.
I hope you like all the photos!

Video Slideshow here,(or Photos bellow)


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