Baby Valentina’s Baptism. Saint Athanasios Church, Paramus, NJ


I was just thinking today about how my work/career turned in the past few years. And how lucky I am  not only to be a photographer, which is pretty cool, but a baby children photographer. Covering subjects  from product photography,portraiture, fashion ,landscape, editorial and other types of events, I learned and I gained experience.All that I can say is that this is the most rewarding and I’m most appreciated for this work. I guess there’s a reason for that. The older I get the more I can relate to a parent and what they see in their kids. Take Valentina for example. She was so sweet and behaved so much like my younger son Nicholas, that there were times during the christening when for a moment I believed it was him. I guess all babies are alike in many ways if we want to notice.
Baby Valentina, had a very interesting character, just like my son:))
Loud but quiet and delicate at the same time, bold and daring, but soft and caring. Social and mellow, but don’t stay too close for too long :))
I was very happy to be with her parents and close family for such an important event in her life, even before she is old enough to know .
Besides that, Sal, the dad, a very cool guy and his dad, the grandpa, another really great family guy. You know, I don’t like admitting it, but I get inspired by each family at a time, and I’m grateful for them letting me in their lives even if for only one day.
And I’d like to thank Aphrodite, the mom, to trust in me and giving me the opportunity to be there with them.

All the day’s Photos are here in a slideshow, hope you’ll enjoy it :

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