Baptism at St Lucy’s Roman Catholic Church. Newark New Jersey.

Baby Vincent’s Baptism is the fourth (4th!) I am covering for this great family!   I am sure I’ve been around longer than some of their friends (that i didn’t see this time around). Which is a good thing both, because they still like me, and because people change, change is good and you should only have close to you people that matter, give meaning to your life, enrich it and have a 2 way relationship. It’s just basics in an abstract way.
I love St Lucy’s Church and it has a feeling of a cathedral rather than a church for it is so imposing and grandiose as for a moment one feels they are in Italy and the Pope is about to walk in any moment.You have the feeling of the presence of Being itself. A great feeling of awe and reflection.
As with his brothers and sisters, little Vincent was no short of pleasant surprises and joy in every way. Seeing the family after a couple of years and being the 5th sibling, I was expecting mayhem and just loose ends everywhere once they walked in the church (I usually get there up to an hour before to make sure I beat traffic if the case, I find my way around, I get acquainted with the place and scout it out, as well as I interact with the church tenders for a smoother experience)
Guess what, a family  of 7 as they walked in, after the first 2 minutes, they made me reevaluate my parenting life and where did I go wrong.
So nice and so elegant and vibrant they were that I wanted to buy their story book and subscribe to their youtube channel at once 😉
Vincent the VIP  for the day was as happy and full of great energy as possible and it was great to be around him as well as the entire family.
I’ll let the photos speak for themselves from here on:


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