Baptism at St Paul , HempStead, New York. Baby Joanna.

We are all good at something. We are all looking at something with more interest that the rest of the world laid around us. We’re interested in Cars, Finance, Products, Psychology, Family,Arts, Money, Sports. The career that each chooses hopefully is somewhat close to what they like. Or at least it brings them the money, and fulfillmentĀ  to enjoy things they like as their hobby.
I am fortunate enough to make a living out of my passion, as in so far. Looking back atĀ  our lives/career, one always wonders at the value and meaning of what they do. Does it make a change, does it matter? (It’s the greater question of fulfillment most of us have when spending years on a job, and affects our happiness)
Looking back at Joanna’s Christening some years ago, gives me a sense of fulfillment and joy to know that we’ve made legacy by documenting her great baptism. she is somewhat older now (her brother as well) and it is more than great to see that she grew into a beautiful young lady, and her parents have done such a great job in making a worthy member of society with great success coming ahead! No matter what comes along, it is humbling and most rewarding to see something like this happen. We both make ourselves better, and that is a healthy way of going about things. Find the good and you’ll get far. At the same time they say “He who has a why ,can bear almost any how”. It’s always good to better ourselves and fight trough good and bad and be aware of the reality of the real world. These guys are balancing it pretty well!
Enjoy the photos:



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