Melina’s Christening. A Jovial Occasion. Island Park, NY

I thought I knew it all 🙂  But I’ve never been at the Panaghia of Island Park, in Long Island, and I was very happy to discover it and add it to my “I’ve been there before” places. It’s very close to Long Beach and that beautiful May day, I really didn’t mind the longer sinuous drive to get there. I was accompanied by Johnny and our assistant  Christina that day. It was one of those unforgettable Spring Days, as it lately happens now that winter tends to linger longer and longer into the spring season. The sun was warming up the surface of the earth, and finally everybody dressed appropriately and in sync with the outdoor temperatures. Even though we got there on time, I always feel we could’ve used even more time to get to the church earlier.Just so I can sink in the beauty of what a church usually has to offer. It was the case this time as well.
Baby Melina, was also anxious to start her journey as a christian, and her mom Kally, was making sure we’re feeling comfortable before we started.
Fr John, had many things on his mind that  Sunday and had  a rather short service (for which I assume heard back from the mom later on :)) but all in all a very pleasant ceremony with the usual heart warming moments and a beautiful light coming through the tinted windows, just as I like it. Baby Melina fulfilled all her duties, and with a bit of crying she dipped herself in the basin and we got to the end of is in no time.
Family Portraits were done impeccably, and we took more  later
Getting to Laterna for the reception in Bayside (a place I’ve been many times before,) I was greeted by familiar faces, and the great family owned catering, makes you fill right in. Great food, I mean great, live music and the celebration was a good time for everyone including myself and the team, even though we were also working.
Other than that, the decor was something special at that place.
” Pictures, or it never happened!” you might say. Well, I have pictures and you decide on your own if you wish you were there. I’m sure you do. Enjoy the photos:


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