Sophocles Christening. “He Who is Born of Water and the Spirit enters the Kingdom of God”


Χριστός ανέστη!
(Happy Easter if you’re Orthodox these days!)

Being part of Sophocles’ Christening felt like coming home again. Saint Athanasios Greek Orthodox Church of Paramus is a place I tend to see more often than our church(St George of Clifton),and Fr. Anargyros always gives me a subtle smile under his  tough mustache sensing my thoughts 🙂
Then I’m also returning to this larger family for the fifth time if I’m counting right ( they wouldn’t stop having kids :)) So all in all it’s starting to feel like family in many ways and it’s always good to go back home. I’m just grateful for that!

They say “Find someone to make you smile, because it only takes a smile to make a day better”.
Christenings make me smile.And genuinely.Nothing better than a candid look giving you the joy they all have in their eyes. Wonder and innocence is what they think, see and breathe, and we’re right next to them to encourage it,kindness,knowledge and protection. I am more or less dependent of this feeling and if you have children you know what I say here.
Nonetheless…, going back to Sophocles’ Christening, we had a most beautiful day with Cherry blossoms, the Sun gracing us ,approving of this joyous occasion we all gathered for, and a Church with stories and stories of it’s Saints on the walls, was most welcoming as well.
Baby Sophocle Panayiotis was so overwhelmed  that 2 things happened. One, he tried baptizing people around when he wet everything he could when no one was paying attention. And two, right after the water dipping ,he just fell asleep, bored of the less important stuff that happened at the end of the ceremony :)). That’s my Boy!! I would do just the same! 🙂
For the rest, I will let you enjoy the photos, but before I would like to thank mom Stamatia and Artie for having us be with them for an unforgettable day of their lives. THANK YOU!
I hope to see Sophocles  manny manny times and see him grow in a God Loving Family and be the Greatest boy he was meant to be!

Enjoy the Photos and the Slideshow on the bottom of this page 🙂


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