Zoe Sophia’s Christening. Return to Innocence at Saint Nicholas, Flushing, New York.

Having a child is one of the greatest, most rewarding, experiences one could have. And I hope some of my documenting on this site is convincing enough. A child changes your life for the better no matter how you see it. It’s hard, but nonetheless a journey you never wish you hadn’t take and my heart is pounding hard every time I think of my kids.

Having a second child is a return to that innocent experience you have when you’re a parent for the first time. Only better! You already know some hardships coming your way (like those sleepless nights) but also that greatest feeling in the world when you hold a newborn in your arms again. A blank slate of wonder and joy and we’re ready to soak it all in yet again. It’s like watching a good movie the second time, or a book(older guys know what I’m talking about.. those things  before dvd’s :))
Well, I can say I relate to Zoe’s parents very much in this regard as we just had our second newborn son and except the fact that my working days are a mess, I know where they’re coming from.
Rachelle and Steve gave me the privilege to be there for Andoni’s christening a while back and return the second time to celebrate and document together the fourth member of their family Zoe Sophia Kontos.
I couldn’t be happier to be with the family again and share their joy all over again, and be part of their lives even if for  the short period of a day. I know I would be part of them from now on through the photos I’ve taken on Zoe’s and Andoni’s Christenings, and that couldn’t make me happier.
Baby Zoe is a wonder on its own and we clicked from the start. A brave heart that knew what’s to be done and did it with no hard feelings in front of  all the close family and friends on March 13, 2016.
As you can see from the photos, the church, Saint Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church on Northern Boulevard in Queens, was spectacular, and one of my favorite churches to go to (maybe because one of my first christenings was there). I always talk about the light in the photos, but the grandeur and feel of that church is something to note no matter what religion one is.
Now,after a great church Ceremony and many photos taken, we’ve headed to Westbury Manor for a beautiful extraordinary reception, with great service, awesome decor and even better food to cap this day a success hard to forget.
I just want to  say a grateful thank you to Steve and Rachelle and their parents for thrusting us to be with them again and document with photography and video one of the most important steps in life. The coming into the world, and becoming a new christiann of Zoe Sophia Kontos!
Hope you enjoy the photos and the Slideshow as much as I did taking them.Thank you!

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