Arpi Pap Christeningphotography Studios does an incredible job of capturing those precious moments for your little ones’ Baptism so that you can relive the memories with your friends and family in HD! The quality of Arpi’s photo and video are the best we found. We have to even admit that the video looked better than our wedding video! Arpi’s team was extremely friendly and professional. They understood depth of field, tracking and lighting as well as all the concepts of what professional photography should look like. Since I studied this field and work in this industry I know it takes a certain eye to capture life’s precious moments. Arpi and his team have that artistic and creative eye. I can’t recommend a better photography studio. Very affordable and very professional. I can’t say it enough. They know what they’re doing. Take it from someone who studied in this field. Make sure you splurge and get the video too! Johnny is great at filming in HD and knows how to do a dolly shot without using a dolly! He understands establishing shots, depth of field and how to do a rack focus. But most importantly, he knows how to shoot in HD! Thanks Arpi and team. You guys are the best. We look forward to hiring you again in the near future!

Mickey Casanovas,-73.9888796,15z