Kyriaki’s Christening. The Beauty of Light and Family at Saint Paul Greek Church in Hempstead, NY.

For the past few years, the month of March has been an unreliable weather element. That’s why whenever I have a job this month I get ready for anything. From a snowstorm to heavy rain or a beautiful and sunny spring day as it happened for  baby Kyriaki’s Christening on the 12th of March.
Being there ahead of time, is always a bonus , I had  time to observe the beauty of Saint Paul’s Church in Hempstead (Besides, there was a delayed wedding before the christening that kind of gave me this option 🙂 ) The sun was sipping through the tinted windows just as I always hope for and the natural light was something I wish I had for every event I do in a church.
In any way,  once the christening started, I wanted to focus all my attention on the small baby Kyriaki and the close family. Yiayiades and Papou, uncles and the rest of the siblings which is always a heartwarming experience for me. I always relate to my family (specially my mom’s who is one of 12 siblings growing in the rural area of my native Romania)
I don’t want to bore you with my words, I’ll let the photos speak for themselves, but as a last thing to mention ,is that this is the third christening I do in this larger family. Every time ,the feeling of unity , candor and genuine lifestyle left me in awe of how great life can be when you are surrounded by people who cherish things that matter in life.
I want to thank the parents Christine and Nick for thrusting me to document such an important day for the family.
Enjoy the Photos and there’s also a slideshow at the bottom with a lot more images.


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