As someone who has been to numerous christenings and has looked through many photographs, I must say that Arpi is by far a stand out in the industry. Nowadays many photographers can get pretty generic with their products (the usual group shots, dance shots, family shots etc…) There are typically one or two truly natural or wow shots. This was not the case when we brought Arpi on board. Me and my wife actually found many shots that were just unbelievable and unique. Photography is an art and should encompass shots that best define the purpose of the event. Only the right professional who has taken the time to master his/her craft can truly capture those moments. Arpi is definitely one who understands and embraces all of those precious moments. His service is great, always polite, courteous, and the best part is he is not in your way! His end product is always filled with unique, special photos that you will truly cherish for years to come. I highly recommend him for any events you are planning to have!

Mr. Steve Kontos,-73.979681,10z